2016 Ford Focus ST Clutch issues.

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2016 Ford Focus ST Clutch issues.

Post by Tatouch » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:32 pm

Good day ladies and gents. My name is Charlton and I am new to the focus owners club.

Please note tha I am posting on behalf of my sister. She has a 2016 Ford Focus ST1 with 59 000kms. She bought with from a dealer with 25 000kms on the clock. The car was running perfectly up until last week Wednesday when she reported to me that its is "reving itself" when she's trying to take off or during the accelerations. Mind you that this happens on gentle throttle inputs. So I suggested to her that it could be the clutch but could be wrong as I didn't drive the car in a while. Long story short, the next day the car couldn't move totally from the driveway. She called a tow truck and they towed it to ford.

Today they called her that to tell her that it could be the clutch kit and that the warranty won't cover it and that she has to pay R5 200.00 for them to remove the gearbo for them to "check" and to replace the clutch would require around R32 000.00. I can vouch that she's a gentle driver and never rides the clutch in traffic and also find it hard to believe that a clutch can fail at 59 000 kms without any warning before hand.

Please advice us on how we can go about trying to sort it out, as I believe that Ford is trying to make a buck from her. I have read of a case whereby e fellas st1 failed its clutch at 60 000kms and Ford didn't want to replace it for him as it "wear and tear" item.

Thanks in advance guys

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