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Year: 2006

Another ford owner

Postby willem wikkel spies » Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:03 am

Yes guys and girls

I'm lucky to have 2x Ford bantams, 1x 2006 1,3 I and a 2007 1,6i

I need some assistance with the 1300.

Yesterday we drove out to a site in Edenvale.
On our arrival I noticed that the 1300 radiator fan was running, I thought that it was the traffic and said to my son, don't worry the fan will switch off shortly.

I had to leave this site and on my return I noticed that the fan was quiet.....
I had to leave again but later had to return to tow this ford in.

as I understand it:
the fan never switched off, so my son went and placed the key into the ignition and turned it on.
this caused the fan to stop running. I also unplugged the fan switch at the radiator to stop the fan from running.
but, they kept on playing the radio to such a point that the battery was completely dead, initial measurement was 6 volts dc.....yip they drained it properly.
they could not push start the vehicle nor could they get it to jump start from another vehicle.

when I returned on site I thought that it might have been the old immobiliser that went bonkers "not factory fitted".
so we stripped the immobilizer out completely and did the wires properly "soldered"
the radiator fan did run at times but with the key removed. this has also now stopped. so no running of the fan with the key removed.

I also swapped out batteries as the other 1 was completely discharged.
what we found was that with the ignition on, all light will light up.

turning the key, nothing happens.

we did several tests.
ignition on and shorting starter out at starter.
motor would turn but no spark is present "plug removed and checked for arc when turning motor at starter "shorting out".
when the key is turned off, one normally hears a "humming noise of a relay I think".
in this case, nothing nadda niks nie.

what could be the fault?

did the Power control Module blow because of the ignition being switched on without the vehicle running?
on the 2006 models, do the keys have transponders in them?
I only have 1 key for this vehicle so don't know if key is still good.

I did search the internet but not much was found.

fuses were checked and found to be all ok.

what I also noticed at a point in time, was that after the key was removed, some lights were still on, on the dash, but not clearly lit up.
this light thing has since vanished, possibly a loose earth. all earth straps were checked and tightened.

the ignition was also checked, power present.
when ignition is switched to start engine, power is then present on the grey/ black wire.

this wire leads to the fuse box to a relay.
the relay does not was also unplugged and tested and does pull in, contacts not checked, but will check in the morning. but still no joy.
the contacts on this relay leads to the starter, if shorted, the starter does kick in.
so, this ground wire is clearly a problem.
where this ground wire leads to is unknown. I will have to trace it to see where it is leading.
it would have been no use, running the starter of the contact points with no spark and no humming sound after ignition is turned off. so clearly a bigger fault somewhere.

please advise what do you think we are missing.

later today we will start stripping to get to the power control module to see if there is any power at it.

thanks in advance

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