Fiesta ST Fan (AC/Blower) noise

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Fiesta ST Fan (AC/Blower) noise

Postby dxc » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:26 pm

Hi Guys,

So from I got my car about 2500km ago, the aircon pump in the driver footwell has been making a noise, hard to explain or to capture on a video. Sort of a screethcy noise like metal on metal but not that severe. It's not loud but it's quite annoying. Ford told me that they all do that (even though my friend's 2014 doesn't :? ) Doesn't bother me too much but if anyone knows why and what I could do to address this I'd greatly appreciate.

But now for the biggy. Ever since maybe 3 days ago, when the fans are on, with or without AC, at low speeds (no wind/road noise) it sounds like I have a supercharger. Sounds glamorous but it's not. The fans make a whining noise that goes together with the revs the car is doing. So driving around for example a parking lot would be incredibly annoying. Sounds to come straight from the middle but can't be 100% sure. I can turn up the music to block it out but when I'm on a phone call I can hear it all the time.

It's annoying the **** out of me :) :) :) :) Please send help.

What can I do/check or would you reckon something needs some oil or what?

Shot guys

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