error code C1750-60 CMDTCs

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error code C1750-60 CMDTCs

Post by Satinwhite06 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:01 am

Good day

New Focus owner from a 95 Midge

Bought a car with engine light on- owner claims its the Throttle body sensor? Had someone come out and his diagnostic device read that the Accelerator position sensor is out of range. Just to be sure I did another test 2 weeks later and this guy's device read Powertrain Control Module Faulty - which is it now?

Ford unable to assist as they not sure which is which PLUS they asking a grand for another diagnostic test. Bosch service station asks R600+ also for their OWN test

The previous owner says that the throttle body just needs cleaning - I dunno hey?

Last thing.. is it normal for the revs to hang for a few seconds? When the car is cold it doesn't do that but when it at operating temperature the car does that when you change gears?

Your assistance would be appreciated

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