Ford Fiesta Issue

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Ford Fiesta Issue

Postby Brettmcalister » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:00 pm


I need some help from an expert. I'm an IT guy so I know nothing about cars at all.

My mom has a Ford Fiesta Flair 2000 model. She has taken it to 2 specific mechanics because the car seems to jerk and then it dies sometimes. The mechanics said the spark plugs need to be replaced. They did that and then after about 2 to 3 months the same thing happens again. She then gets the spark plug replaced and the car is fine again. It doesn't smoke at all when this happens. She went to another mechanic and they said that they need to take the head off and send it away to an engineer. They want to charge her 5K. So I said that I will help her by taking out a lone from the bank as she is a pensioner with no money. I don't mind taking it in and paying the 5K but I just don't want to get ripped off.

My questions are the following:

- Does anyone know of a good Ford mechanic who can assist in the Primrose/Germiston area?
- Does it sound like the right thing to do is to take off the head?
- Should I rather get the whole thing re-conditioned or redone and how much would a reasonable mechanic charge for something like that?

ANY other advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a MIL

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