Trailer socket

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Trailer socket

Post by Silvercracker » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:57 pm


My trailer socket stopped working. I think this is due to me accidentally switching around the earth & left indicator light on the trailer socket (these two wires were broken on the trailer socket)

The trailer socket has been replaced and tested and it works on a 2017 Feista, so the trailer is fine. the Focus is not......

I have checked the "trailer module" which is located in the boot fusebox. it seems fine because when I test continuity through it, its there so power can run through it. Still I have no lights coming on when the trailer is connected to it. What am I missing? is there a module somewhere that I need to check? There are no other references to the trailer socket or module other than the "trailer module" located in the boot.

Please advise.

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