Advice for Planned Performance Mods

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Re: Advice for Planned Performance Mods

Postby mohamedeb » Thu May 21, 2015 12:36 am

Just do a good branch buddy and decat stock exhaust. On a 1.6 motor the standard exhaust should be 45-50mm stock however branch will give you good torque mid range. Filter and tuning won't be felt in a body as heavy as yours.

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Re: Advice for Planned Performance Mods

Postby Eon » Thu May 21, 2015 8:00 pm

Kaiwen26 wrote:Thanks to all above for the input

I am only considering the air filter & exhaust to complete the performance enhancement

Eon wrote:If I were you, I'd get the SWR branch, decat and 50mm free flow exhaust.
Aftermarket replacement airfilters are around R500 and would also aid breathing.
Also, you won't need any software alterations after the above mods.

I've seen some pretty impressive torque gains with branch and decat only.

@Eon: by this you mean only the SWR branch and not including the chip component?

As part of the exhaust change, ive stumbled onto the MK7 Zetec system by Cobra Sport - Albeit too expensive for import, the sound is awesome and doesnt have that "popping" noise that i hear on other systems. This is the kind of crisp grunt Id look for by building a system locally (perhaps someone understands what in the system does this)

Also I see alot of cat-back or decat systems on offer (here above a decat is suggested). What would be advantage of one over the other?

Yeah, only branch and a 50mm exhaust wouldn't need any chip tuning. Those engines will benefit greatly from the SWR branch. Also, get it ceramic coated to keep your underbonnet temps down. Trust me, there's nothing 'artificial' about the sound of a good branch and catless free-flow exhaust combo.
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Re: Advice for Planned Performance Mods

Postby Assassin » Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:50 pm

I would not go for a powerflow system if you located near the one in edenvale. When I turboed my RSi and we Riaan removed the Powerflow Exhaust, it looked utter crap, bending on the pipe was disgusting. All this after I emailed them countless times to ask them if they do mandrell bending which they kindly told me they do. Rather go TNT or Viper.


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