Fiesta ST150 motor into Bantam possibility

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Re: Fiesta ST150 motor into Bantam possibility

Postby Stu » Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:55 am

Ctasquier wrote:Definitely possible,i have done a similar mod,2.0 duratec in a mazda soho(fiesta mk4).the fiST setup may differ as i harvested mine from a mondeo.
List of parts needed:

Gear shifter and cables,simply bolts in,may need drilling to correct spacing.

Driveshafts,if u using the ST 6speed this shouldnt be a prob.

Engine mounts,custom...pumaspeed.

ECU?...for your mods definitely standalone.

Clutch hydraulics,u can use the bantam master with ST slave.

I would suggest on the throttle to use the cable mondeo tb if u using a stock manifold.if u decide on itbs,prepare to cut some of the front cradle out.

Gearbox choices...

IB5+ or mtx75

Both of them fit in the chassis,i have heard that mtx75 diff can handle 250hp safely,havent got much info on the ib5+ box though.

It sounds like u have a mean engine!!!

did you go cable throttle ? if so how did you get around the cluster and speedo issue?
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